Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love in February Canvas with USArtQuest

I have been painting now for about 3 years. There is not one part of the painting process that I do not love. Abstract art draws me in. And you can take it anywhere....breathe it....throw all your emotions into that paintbrush and paint.

Today I would love to share with you my "Love in February" acrylic painting. And I will show you how you can recreate this painting too.

The first step is finding those perfect colors for your background. And paint away! I am not shy with my paint so I really layer it on and add a few colors into the mix for some added punch. And the perfect brushes - I used the 3/4 brush for this part of the project

While the paint is still wet - I took the Texture Tool and drug it thru the paint in several different areas. This will pull some of the natural background color. Set aside and let dry.

For an added touch I used the 3/4 brush and some Perfect Pigments in Mars Black and painted around the edges of the canvas. It is okay if you paint a little over the front. This gives it an antique/aged look.

Now take some 101 Heavy Artist's Cement and a Palette Knife and mix together the Cement along with some Perfect Pigments in Wheat. Take the palette knife and the cement mix and add faux bricks on the canvas. Set aside to dry.

Now taking some black paint and the 1/2" Snap brush...add the vines and leaves. Before the leaves get dry, I mixed together some PPA and Prills and painted on several of the leaves for some added dimension.

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Ashley H said...

wow! that's pretty! :)