Thursday, January 26, 2012

I love Sketches

One thing about Scrapbooking is there is an unlimited amount of sketches out there. To be honest with you....I have always wanted to put together a sketch book to have published...but with so many sketch books out there...who would buy But one of my favorite sketch artists is Becky Fleck. I have been a sketch follower of hers for years.

Here is one of her latest sketches. When I first saw this I just knew RIGHT away what I was going to make.

Add several different products....some fun Butterbean pictures and one awesome sketch....and here you have my take....

I hope you like it too.

Today I am off from a 2 mile walk in this morning. Now I need to shower and get ready to have 5 inches cut off my hair...I hope. I have said I will not chicken out so I need to be a big girl


Leah Crowe said...

beautiful layout!! I love BF's sketches too.. Have a great day, Becky. :) :) :)

Marelize said...

Gorgeous sketch and lovely layout! :)