Sunday, January 29, 2012

Altered Vase and USArtQuest

It seems like I have a new interest in taking something old and adding a little magic to it…which makes it all new again. And, it is fun at the same time!

Here is a quick weekend project and I know you all have vases sitting around just screaming for some attention….right!?!

First off I took a standard glass vase and pulled together a few items…Window Etch Paint, PPA, Studio Cloth, Perfect Glaze, #4 Paintbrush, Sizzix Big Shot die, Gildenglitz and some tape.

Step 1: tape around the vase where you would like the etching paint to be. I originally started with two stripes on the vase but later changed it to the whole bottom half being etched.

Step 2: Once your etching paint is dry, remove the tape. At this point I took some PPA and used my finger to add a thin layer around the border of the etching paint and the regular part of the vase. This needs to sit aside for a little while and let it get to the tacky stage.

Step 3: Once the PPA is tacky…take some of the Gildenglitz and gently add it to the layer of PPA. Don’t worry about have extra on there. Once it is dry you just simply take a paint brush and brush off the extra to have for another project.

Step 4: Now I cut off a small section of my Studio Cloth and ran it thru my Sizzix Big Shot using the flower die cut. With a little hot glue and some felt…I then began to roll up the flower and let it sit. Trim off any extra felt. Now I used the #4 paintbrush and added some Perfect Glaze to the outside edges of the flower. Glued a button into each center and then glued the entire flower onto a orange felt flower.

Step 5: Now you can add the flowers to the vase. I used just a dab of glue and held it there until it set and would not slide. With all three flowers in place and dry..I added some pinecones I found on clearance. Then cut some limbs from our oak tree for some added decoration.

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