Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012

Let the year begin!!!

Since my husband was gone for the weekend hunting...I really did not do anything New Years Eve...except cuddle in the bed and finish my last book of the year. Then I snuggled down in the covers at 11:30 to fall asleep only to be woken by huge fireworks that sounded like cannons....that continued until 1:00! seriously!
The baby didn't sleep either. sigh.
and what time do you think I woke up this morning. 5:30! to the sound of my phone - text message - my son leaving to go to the New Years Day Mud Bog with his friends. So with only 4 or so hours of sleep...I welcome 2012 in with a bang! lol

well...and a pot of coffee.

Did some cleaning yesterday in the computer room. I started packing up my kids trophies and awards. It was bitter sweet and more emotional than I thought it would be. Some of these trophies have been hanging up there for 14 years. But its time for a change. With the kids being 21 and 18 I just think it is time to close that chapter and move on to the next. So....I got one tote full. Packed up my step sons trophies too. One wall done. Now to move to Kayla's. Which will be harder since she has pageant trophies that are 4.5 feet

Brought out some old mason jars I had in the attic and did some decorating. Today I will be heading to Michael's for some paint and a few other items to make some more decorations. Don't worry....I will share them with you soon. Project tutorials on the way :) I promise.

Put up some stuff up on ebay. Again..time to move out the old stuff. Books, scanner, scrappy stuff and some baby clothes. Make a little extra money I say :)

Project 52....lets get started shall we. The goal is to read 52 books for the year. I think I can do it this year since last year I read 43. I have already downloaded about 10 books to the Kindle and ready to get started today. If your interested in what I am reading a some book reviews...stop on by here and there and I will do my best to review each book I read this year.

And finally.....reshaping me. That is my goal for this year. Heck who am I kidding that is my goal every This last year I stunk at it but this year we will see. I am going to go buy a treadmill today so that I have no excuses not to get up and walk every morning. Gotta get these 30 lbs off. I need a healthier me.

OH AND I AM SO EXCITED to report that for 2012 we will be going into the year credit card debt FREE!!!! That feels so good. We took out a debt consolidation loan...and just paid off all the cards. It was cheaper and wiser to do it that way than to keep paying on the cards a little extra each month. Some of those interest rates are just crazy. So if my plans work out they way I want them too we will have that loan paid of in 3.5-4 years! So yeah! Now I can coupon and REALLY save money.

Happy New Year.

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Debby said...

Congrats on the credit card debt free year. Mom did this and put her cards in a safety deposit box as so not to tempt her. LOL