Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years Eve

Happy New Years Eve everyone!
As we go into 2012 I do not really have any resolutions this year. I think for 2012 I just want to enjoy what it brings my best at everything...and just be ME. I plan on posting lots of fun tutorials this year. I plan on lots of sewing, scrapping and painting. So stay tuned. I wont let you down ;)

And Project 52??? Well I plan on continuing that this year too. I finished off the year with 43 books read. You can see what I was reading in the above "My Library" tab. I will complete my 43 book this evening. I tried to last night but was just too tired. Now that I have my is so much easier to just pick it up and read. Plus with all the free books out is making me read books I wouldn't normally consider. Which is nice. I promise to do better and book reviews this year.

Have fun today. Drive safe if your out and about. Kiss those loved ones. I pray for those that are not home this evening with family and wish them a speedy recovery.

Are you ready?? Let's ROCK 2012!

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Debby said...

What a wonderful blog. I'm looking forward to visiting more in 2012. How is that for a new year resolution? I look forward to your book reviews and recommendations.