Sunday, December 11, 2011

TallyScrapper December Kit

 I love a great scrapbook kit. There is just something about having all the work done for you and all the elements match. This months kit at TallyScrapper is perfect. With just the right mix of Christmas/holiday goodies. when I was pulling out all the papers and taking a glance at everything...I knew right away that I wanted to make this little tree to go with my other handmade trees this year. This paper was perfect. It has a white core so I was able to cut and distress each piece to add some umph to the tree.

To start off with I wrapped a cone along the bottom with some thick hemp string. Once I got the desired amount around the cone...I then started adding the strips with hot glue. Each one was distressed on the edges and I would add one row at a time. 

Once I was finished with all the rows then I added the shiny border along the bottom. This was one of the goodies in the kit. LOVE. For the top of the tree I added a gold pinecone that was left over from decorating the tree you see in the background. That was my first decorated tree this year. It was a lot of fun. Not really cost effective as it was about $30 for all the materials...but I do love it. a lot. Then the last tree in the back is my white yard tree. I just simply wrapped white yarn around the cone. It did not take long at all. To finish it off I wrapped a single string around like garland...added some white push pins and then buttons for the top. 

I'm proud of my Christmas tree collection this year. I can't wait to add to it for next year and have the entire house decorated with trees. So take another look at the paper you get in the kit and think about something other than a scrapbook page. Run over to Tally and scoop up this kit before it is gone. I promise you will not be sorry. 

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