Thursday, December 15, 2011

Altered Frames are the best

I love taking ordinary items and turning them into something I will treasure or I can get someone else. Take this simple black frame. I found it at the Pottery Barn for only $2.88. It called out to along with about 3 more. As soon as I got home it was pretty simple what I wanted to do with it so I started pulling out papers and embellishments to see what route I wanted to go.

My first plan of action: Paint the frame. My entire house is antique items or old looking I really wanted to distress this frame up. I took some white acrylic paint and my 3/4 flat Stroke brush from USArtQuest and began painting the frame white. Once it was dry I went over the edges and front with some light sandpaper...just enough to let some of the black peak thru. 

For the next step I dug around in my stash of stuff...and found some old green burlap bags. Perfect. I cut the bags and then glued a section, using my Duo Adhesive from USArtQuest, to the original board backing of the frame. There was never a glass front to this frame but if there would have been....I would discard it so that you can easily get to the burlap for altering. Here is a picture of the frame with the burlap attached and all ready for a little glue and embellishments.

I took the scrapbook paper I had pulled out and cut some circles out of it so that I could make some paper rosettes. I also did the same with small pieces of felt that I had laying around. The sign is from Magistical Memories and I painted the actual sign part white and then distressed it with ink. The remaining part of the sign I left naked chipboard. Now the fun begins. I glued down the sign post and then started layering the flowers. all of which were handmade or from my stash. The butterflies I picked up at Target months ago on clearance. They stand on wire so I bent the wire to the height I wanted and glued it down, hiding it inbetween the flowers. 

To finish off the frame I found a rub on that was bright and went perfect with the theme of the frame. Added it to the sign and there you altered frame that cost me less than $5.00. This not only makes a great addition to your craft room but would be a great gift for a friend or a family member. The possibilities are endless. So make sure to take a second look at those clearance isles or just look at products differently. You never know what a little bit of paint, embellishments or some added love will do for a project :)

Visit the USArtQuest blog at and thier website at for more fun embellishments, paints and products that will help you alter up some special items.

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Terri Sproul said...

great project and thanks for your submission to be apart of the usaq design team.