Monday, November 7, 2011

Fun, Fun Projects

I am so excited to finally be able to share this with you. I made this altered frame using an acrylic frame from ClearScraps. First I painted the acrylic on the backside and then distressed it with sandpaper. Once that was complete then I painted the edges with brown paint. the fun then begins.....start layering your frame with papers and embellishments. I even used some Prima packaging that I had been saving for a while as a frame border behind the pictures. I used some K&C diecuts and a few other embellishments that I had laying around. Tied the acrylic together with ribbon and wala....a cute frame to show of our granddaughter.

Just a few pictures of each one of the sides....

Isn't she a cutie :) I entered this into the ClearScraps craft contest. I was very happy to end up in second :)

Over the weekend I decided to have a somewhat crafty day. I painted up this picture below....and added some red fabric on some of the flowers as an added dimension. It's fun and different that is for sure.

And to finish off the weekend I drew these dolphins for a coworker. I decided to add some paint to the drawing. That was a first. I've used ink and pencil, charcoal and pencil, colored pencil and pencil but never paint. I kinda like the effect!

Well, here's hoping you have a wonderful week planned....

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