Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Doozy of a week...

Well this week has been one doozy that is for sure. The weekend started off okay but ended pretty badly. Lots of hurt feelings...things said that shouldn't have been...So I guess you could say this week has been about walking on egg shells and mending broken hearts....sigh.

This picture I took the other day pretty much sums up my mood this week....dark, clouded and grey. What a funk! and to top it all off....40 will be here in just a few short days. So I am pretty sure that is looming over my head too and just making things so depressing.

To add to the yuck...Kayla did not get the job we were hoping for. Back to square one for the umptenth time. I'm not sure how to get this week to turn around.

But I did go shopping with my sister this afternoon. I came home early to watch the baby so Kayla could go to a Nutrition class at the school board in hopes to become a lunchroom sub. So my sister asked me to go shopping. We hit up Kohl's where she bought LOTS of clothes for the I managed to find a toy for Danie and a shirt for me and all for just $10! wootwoot! Then we headed to Target where I dropped the most I am done with one more person's Christmas so all was good. Did some good coupon shopping while I was there too. So it was really nice to just get out and do something out of the norm.

I wanted to share with you an unedited picture of Shawn. This is one of 3 of the "Senior Pictures" I was able to take of him Sunday. That whole thing was a total bust. But....all in all...I love this picture. Even if I can't see his face...this is how he front face pictures! EVER! NEVER! So I might edit this a little and use it anyway....everyone who knows Shawn knows this is how his pictures will turn

 A little chicken action for you. They are doing so good right now. We are getting about a dozen eggs a day now. Today was the most....14 eggs total. Go girls go! I'm not really making a lot of money off these eggs but I'm putting half away in our cruise jug and the other half in a piggy bank for Danie :) new friend. I found him Sunday while I was working in the flower gardens. I haven't seen one of these little guys in a LONG time but let me just say...he wasn't exactly little at all. He was a good 6 inches long. And would watch every move I made. Kinda weird.

Well....on the crafty front....I am almost done with my last quilt for the year. I have one more to do to be honest but with Thanksgiving almost here...I just don't have time. When the tree goes up the sewing machine gets put away. So I will finish this last one up in the next week and then put all the sewing stuff up until next year. I think I have done pretty well this year! I'm proud of myself. I haven't scrapped anything in a few weeks but I do believe once the sewing is put up I can really enjoy some of my other crafts such as scrapping and painting. I have a few ideas floating around in my head that I hope will become unique to me and a great seller :) We shall see. And I am even tossing the idea around of handstamped jewelry. Again...we will see.

Alrighty...signing off....I just finished my 38th book for the year. I am terribly behind considering I was suppose to read like 52 or 64 books. I can't remember now. Either one...I am not going to make that total. But maybe I can get 40 or so done ;) okay okay really this time...signing off...come back Friday and join me for my birthday bash...the last days of my 30's!

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