Sunday, November 13, 2011

Altered Wreath

I had the opportunity this weekend to finally get some crafty time in. The hubby is gone hunting and the kids have their things they are doing so it worked out perfectly. Although I am sure my house was screaming that it needed to be cleaned but you know....crafting is more important :)
I started off the weekend by trying a painting that I have had stuck in my head for a week now. I never could find what I really wanted to make it out of so I just used what I could manage to find. And now that I have seen it in person and not in my head...I like it :) Please tell me what you think about it!

And my final project for the weekend was this altered wreath. I bought the straw wreath in the two different sizes and spent most of today working on it. I will say it takes a pretty long time to wrap that wreath with yarn! Time...and sore fingers! but it is done. I wanted to add some of this Modo fabric that I bought for a quilt last month. So to help with the time frame issue...I wrapped the smaller wreath with the fabric and then just covered up the rest with the yard. Perfect!

and I love me some felt flowers so I just had to make a few of these. While searching for the twig that I knew I had stashed away somewhere in my craft room...I found the jingle bells...PERFECT! Just what I needed for that small, added touch. Now it will jingle a little bit when we open the door. I think it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. and I love more than anything to have homemade wreaths to share for the holidays. 

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Ashley said...

It's cute! I really like it :)