Monday, November 21, 2011

Oh please forgive me

I didn't realize my last post was a week ago! WOW. sorry.
It's been a crazy week. But with some fun points. Would you like to hear about my week?

  • Danie started walking! YES! walking. She takes about 4-5 steps by herself now. Like from the coffee table to you or something like that. It is just precious but she looks too little to be doing things like that.
  • We are getting a dozen eggs a day from the chickens. I am being over run with eggs.
  • I scrapped two layouts! Can you believe it. And I love them too boot.
  • Finished my last quilt for the year. The sewing is now put up and the Christmas tree is up so I will pick back up next year. As soon as the binding is complete I will share the quilt with you.
  • I had an AWESOME surprise 40th birthday party with my wonderful friends Saturday night. It was great! I was totally surprised too. They got me good. And I had a King-Rita for dinner. WOW that drink was like HUGE.
  • We bought the baby a high chair. She is really a big girl now.
  • I started wrapping ribbon around 320 boxes. I completed 80 last night. long way still to go.

I worked on some more tutu's to get read for an upcoming craft fair. Hoping I can sell them because I am over run with tutu's. Thirty one is going well. Still have not had a home show but I submitted a proposal for a fundraiser and it was approved. Just got to get that kicked off on December 1st. Hoping it will be a good one.
Today is Danies 9 month shots and then I am also taking her to get some Christmas pictures made. I have most of this week off so it will be great to finish up some projects and get the tree decorated.

I promise not take as long between posts. As soon as blogger will work with me I will show you the layouts :)


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