Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm in a crafty, creative mood - and a Giveaway

Today began gun (hunting) season for our family. Today is the time of the year I become a hunters wife and the weekends are devoted to deer hunting. I ship the boys out on Friday and cross fingers that they will be lucky over the weekend and bring home some much needed winter supplies :)

We will just say that we have not been lucky the last few! Hunting season usually costs us a bookoo of money. $600 for dues, $50 for license, and all the food and gas. That part I don't like BUT...the part I do like.....FREE WEEKENDS TO CRAFT! Yep you heard me...I have an entire weekend that I can devote to crafting and not have all other kinds of projects going on along with a hubby following me all over the house asking what I am doing :)

So tonight I worked on a tutu....this one was for a lady at work who is due in December. I took the picture at 11 pm at night so the coloring is a little off but this is a burgundy and a green with white ribbon. I think it will be precious for some Christmas newborn pictures!

 Once that project was complete....I drug out some canvases and began an abstract painting. It is pretty bright right now...yellows, blues, greens....But I am going to try and tone it down with some coffee staining tomorrow morning :) I simply love abstracts because you can just let the creativity flow. Sadly they aren't for everyone and sometimes can be hard to fit into a room BUT....they are what I love to do. NOW for the giveaway...I am in a crafty giveaway mood have a project for you....I want to hit 150 followers! I'm at 103 right now...I know I can get to that magic 150 mark with your help. So....if your not already please click follow --------> over there on the right....and then you will be entered into my little ole giveaway (don't forget to leave me a comment)...and for every friend you refer and they follow me (if they will leave a comment and let me know you referred them) I will add your name in again! Now what is the prize you ask....well I would like to give you one of my paintings or drawings...a $30 value. And if there is something of mine you really like but is over $30....we can deduct the $30 from the cost of the painting.

all the pictures can be seen at Art From the Heart. I hope you will enjoy this giveaway and help me get some followers. I plan on getting my craft on in the next few days and getting this blog rocking and rolling.

Tomorrows plans: finish up this abstract and then off to the sewing machine for a little quilt action! pictures to follow I promise!
 Thackston Farm news....we got 5 eggs Thursday! And today we got 5 more. So we are almost up to 2 dozen eggs in a weeks time! WOOHOOO! I think we only have 3 hens laying right now and I have 19 so yeah...more eggs to come I'm sure. If your local....I plan on selling the eggs $1.50 a dozen if you supply the carton. If you want me to supply the carton then they will be $2.00 a dozen. They will be on a first come first serve basis!
And we have some Pumpkin Carving action going on at the Thackston Farm the other day. Now we have not had a pumpkin carved in FOR.E.VER! Shawn went and purchased a pumpkin and brought it home for his girlfriend and little brother to carve. I'm not allowed to take head shot that would be Shawn on the left and Annie in the top corner with her little brother. More Halloween pumpkin pictures to come I promise....Maybe some butterbean and pumpkin :)

Alright that is all for now. Stay tuned and don't forget the giveaway :)
Happy Crafting

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