Sunday, September 25, 2011

What I've been up to.....

TUTU's....I have been up to my neck in
They have become so fun and addictive to make. There was a booth across from us at the Arts Festival that was selling these....All the little girls were just googoo over them so you know me...I had to figure out how to make them and try my hand at it. I just had too so that I would have some photo props for Danie this fall. And boy have we had fun with them. So far I have made her 3, sold 3 and made an extra just for kicks. But we want mention how much tulle I have laying around the house
 I even took this pink one with us to the beach and got a picture of Danie in the ocean with it. This has turned into one of my most favorite pictures. She is a perfect model. Here are a few more that I have made. I am selling them for $20-25 (depending on the age and how much tulle). I decided to make an orange and black one for Danie for Halloween. Along with some orange and black leggings, onsie and some bat antlers...she is all set to go trick or treating at Paulding Meadows this year. Don't tell anyone but I can't wait :)

I also finished my last Christmas present quilt. This one I got a little creative with and made swirly lines all the way down it. I LOVED how it turned out. I hope she likes it too. I have now started another quilt for me and also working on a pillow swap cover. I am almost done with it and can't wait to share it. I am might proud of this one.

As far as scrapping...haven't pulled out any paper...BUT....I am saving up my pictures because I feel the urge coming along anytime now. As soon as I am done with a few quilting commitments I am dragging back out the paper and paint. It's time for scrapping and some new paintings.
I think my mojo is finally getting back and that makes me very happy.

As far as the family...
Everyone is doing well. Shawn turns 18 in just a week. I can't believe that. Kayla is in week three of her new waitressing job. I am totally exhausted from watching the baby. Had to get a cortisone shot in my shoulder last week due to Not sure it really helped. Billy just finished the nesting boxes for the chickens. I promise to get a picture of them sometime soon. They should start laying soon. I hope. Baby is doing great. She is crawling and standing up everywhere. Talking to you. Just growing like a weed.

More to come...

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