Thursday, September 29, 2011

This week is dragging....

Don't you think. Gosh it has been a long week.
But it has been a week of accomplishments!
I finally got back into the acrylic this week and painted this picture. The photograph was taken by my friend Heidi and I just had to paint it. She loved it :) yeah. Now I think I might do more paintings like this of silhouettes. I really love the look of it. Tell me what you think? Love...Hate...would you buy it?

 Just a small picture of Butterbean. She was taking a hamper ride from the laundry room to her room courtesy of her mother. She was just a laughing. It was too funny. This week she has began eating Gerber Graduates cheetoes. Yeah she loves them!

 Okay for my first real PILLOW!!!! This was made for a Pillow Talk Swap that I joined. My first real sewing swap. I had a blast making this and I really hope the lady it is going to loves it too.

It has been a busy week. Between work and just trying to finish up loose ends at the house. I have my scrap desk almost cleaned off and actually started a scrappy project which is moving right along. It's an altered frame and so far is turning out just as I want it to. Gotta love that.

Submitted to a few Scrappy DT's this week. One manufacturer and one kit club.

Worked on getting some hostess or at least some orderes lined up for October with Thirty-One. I really would like this to get up off the ground.

Ready for this weekend to get here. My son turns 18 on Sunday. He is having some friends over Saturday night for his birthday. I hope to get some things done around the house since we don't really have anything pressing to get finished. I want to hang my craft cabinet and just finish some things. It will be nice to open the windows and just be with the family chilling this weekend.

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