Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A quick peak

at how my resolutions for the year are coming along....will be back later with some quilting stuff....tutu's....and more goodies. Just need a few minutes of computer time.

with September almost gone I thought it would be a great time to check and see how I am coming along with my resolutions

Focus more on my art been working on this one pretty hard

Continue to work hard in the scrappy world and hopefully make a few more Design Teams  (sadly...a no go)

Continue to submit my work for possible publication  (been trying)

Lose these last 15 lbs (um---hasn't happened)

Reopen my etsy store  (nope....this one either)

Finish MY quilt and then really get envolved in more quilting  YES...finally something I have completed plus some

Hand make ALL my christmas for 2011  YES I did it!!! woohoooooo

Make more time for me and my husband (We deserve it) We took a weekend trip which was nice

Take my first cruise  (nope didn't happen)

Go to the Moonshine Festival  (still hoping I can do this one)

Sign up for Paulding Meadows again and maybe work in another art fair I did and sold 14 paintings

cut my hair SHORT (well I cut it to my shoulders does that count)

Take more weekend camping trips (really didn't have time for this one either)

So how have you been doing knocking off those resolutions???

Stay tuned for more goodness to come. Can't wait to share a few pictures with you.

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