Sunday, October 2, 2011

My sons birthday and fun stuff

wow I can't believe my son turned 18 today! It is just amazing how quickly time goes by. 18 years ago I was living at home with my parents and  I remember waking my mom up early in the is time to go mom! and off we went. 6 hours later my buddy was gracing this world. It wasn't an easy delivery and he was in a lot of distress. He was born blue. But.....he bounced right back and became one handsome, smart young man. I love that fella with all my heart. Now he is a Senior in high school....18 years old....and getting the urge to embark out into the world. sigh.

Do I feel bet. a 21 year old and an 18 year old. Yep the 40's are around the corner and I feel!

With that said...several family members have asked me what I want for my birthday! Well here it is....
If I can't have my sewing machine.... I would love to have....This bracelet...along with some starter beads that have to do with my kids, my husband. I have wanted one of these for YEARS.

I also would LOVE some Perle thread so that I can start embroidering on my quilts Perle #8. I just don't know where to get it except at craft stores :)

Okay that is seriously all I wish for. Hope that

I can't wait to share with you an altered frame I made this weekend. Boy I can't wait to share it. but it will be a little while...can you wait for it?

Ugh...blogger is not being nice so I can't share the tutu's I made this weekend. Stay tuned.

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