Monday, August 1, 2011

The weekend....

The boys left this weekend and went to the deer camp to work. They are trying to get it ready for hunting season in a few months. Saturday I spent the day working at the lake and having a yard sale. I never can make any money because I spend it all. This time I bought an old roll top desk from my Aunt Elaine. I love it. Have no where to put it. But....that is why I pay for a storage unit every month

Also worked on my bags. Here are the three that I got completed. I sold the green and yellow one. Will be giving the purple one to someone and then that leaves the brown one for sale. I also sold another black and yellow one this weekend. I originally had that one to give to my mom for Christmas but I think I am going to make her one a different color. I only had one sewing injury this weekend. While sewing the last back Saturday night, I forgot about a safety pin holding the handles on and when the needle hit shattered into 3 peices. One of which flew up and hit me right below my eye lid. I have a nice little bruise there now. I'm so lucky it didn't hit my eye. Only 1/2 inch more and it would have. that would of been bad.

Also got a good bit of scrapping done too. 3 layouts and 2 cards finished Sunday. Started sewing on a few more purses and bagged up as much of my paintings as I could so that they are ready for Paulding Meadows. That is just a month away and I have done nothing to get ready. Lord I don't even know where my banner is or any of that stuff. Here's hoping it is all in the storage unit.

Sunday was our wedding anniversary. 13 years. He got home at about lunch time from the deer camp and then we went out to eat Sunday night to Longhorn's. I was hoping for an anniversary surprise or flowers but yeah....nothing :(  Oh well...I should be used to that by now.

I'm off work today. Kayla is getting her crown put back on today and I have a dentist appt this afternoon. Then Shawn has open house at school. He doesn't want me to go. I can't believe he is a senior! I ordered his formal pictures over the weekend. We will ACTUALLY get a picture in the yearbook this year. GASP! Since he has conveniently forgot to have them made every year. But not this year because I ordered the picture He didn't like any of them but I did. Now as soon as fall gets here we will do the casual pictures. Have I mentioned I can't believe he is a senior. My baby.

I'll leave you with Butterbean....doing what she is doing best right now...trying to crawl and teething.

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