Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Class of 2012

That is about all I can say this morning.
I have my very last senior in the house.
It's hard to believe my baby boy is now all grown up. Heck....he turns 18 in just a few short months. I just don't know where the time goes....and why it has to go so quickly.

Today my son walks into those halls at school for the last year. In just 180 school days I will be balling my eyes out in the bleachers watching him claim that diploma. WOW.

And then I am DONE! WOHOOOOOO. I know little Danie is here but I'm not doing the school stuff...that is her mama's job ;)

I took a few pictures of Danie yesterday but they are on the other camera. Sorry...forgot to upload it this morning. She is scooting around all over the floor now. Again...why does time have to move so fast. Before we know it she will be starting Pre-K....sigh. But I guess we have to get her walking first...right? LOL.

It's been a busy week so far. Monday was spent at the dentist office and lots of errands. Yesterday I had another massage for my back. I am not nearly as sore today as I was the first time a few weeks ago. Thank goodness. Today I have to run to my parents house after work and pick some figs. Looks like I will be making Fig Preserves this weekend :)

Took a little time to rummage thru all my patterns yesterday. I am in the mood to start another quilt. I know I know...I haven't even finished the last two I have but you know me....or at least you should by now...I am not happy without 5 projects going at the same time. I have one more purse to finish and then I am going to start on something else...maybe a Kindle holder or who knows what. As long as I am busy I am happy.

Stay tuned to see a few layouts I created using the Scrap-tastic August kit. Those should be posted in a few days. Happy Wednesday!

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