Monday, August 15, 2011

My week recap

Oh I am such a horrible blogger! A whole WEEK! Sorry about that!
this little girl is keeping me on my toes :)! She is growing sooooo fast. Not only is she getting around the house where ever she wants to go, sitting up and rolling over everywhere...but now she is playing peek-a-boo and copying sounds that you make. Oh and today....she tried her best to climb up my legs and almost got there. I just can't believe it all. She turns 6 months in just 4 more days. She has been such a joy and brightens my every afternoon. The negative side.....I don't get ANYTHING done because I am always loving on her! But I'm not complaining one bit!

Let's see...the weekend....lawnmower broke so of course hubby had to have a new one. We want discuss how further in debt this thing put us in...sigh...
Put in my first Thirty-One order. It was a $300 catalog show. Not to bad. Now if I could just have one of those a month I would be happy, happy.
Spent Sunday sewing little bags for girls. I will sell them at Paulding Meadows for $5. A little extra money is always good and I made them all from scraps I had laying around so that is even better.
I pinned my last Christmas gift quilt and it's sitting at the sewing machine waiting on me to get started on it.
Took Benji to the vet. Thought we would have to put him down again but a little antibotics and hopefully he will be back to Benji again. This dog is like the energizer bunny.
chickens are doing well. All 21 of them. anyone want some? Going to sell some of these suckers for $5 a piece.

Haven't been on the internet much so I am way behind on my message boards and blogs. Maybe soon I can catch back up. We shall see.... of my best friends....left our work and moved on to somewhere else. that really put a damper on last week and made me kinda withdrawl a little. But I'm hoping she enjoys her new job and I know we will see each other again. Maybe not as much as we would like but I know we will.

Countdown to Paulding are you going to be there and visit :)

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