Sunday, August 21, 2011

More butterbean

Just a few more shots of butterbean :)

welll......I THOUGHT I would share more pictures of butterbean but the darn things will not rotate correctly...grrrrr.....

It's been a long week. Crazy week.
Saturday we spent the entire day at the lake working on the store. pressure washing, cleaning, getting it ready to paint. I repainted the old Lake Ramona sign and will work on the Coco-Cola signs over the next week. I can't wait to see them back up there again. Next Saturday is our monthly fishing day and family yard sale. I've been digging around the house again for anything and everything we can put in the yard sale.

Butterbean is getting all over the place. She is now pulling up on stuff and standing but of course you have to be right there to catch her when she falls. We bought her a walker today but her little feet don't touch the

Trying to get ready for Paulding Meadows. bought another tent today and now I need to start getting my plans together on how I want to decorate the booth. Still need to get my Square Up working so that I can take credit cards! woohoooo.

I also got my first Thirty-One order in on Friday. I was so excited and really loved looking at what everyone got. I even had me a few yummies that I LOVE. I ordered my business cards this weekend and can't wait to really get this going. I hope it does well. I know I really love the stuff and can't wait to get some of these organizers here and there thru out the house. If you are not sure what Thirty-One is...please take a look at my website and look around

Okay off to be a little crafty I think. Already wasted a good bit of today so maybe I can salvage a little and work on some sewing

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