Sunday, August 7, 2011

A great weekend...hate to see it end

We had a great weekend. I put up 10 jars of fig preserves. Man they are yummy too. Broke open one of the jars this morning. I think I will have more figs to pick this week since my parents are going out of town. Gotta keep the tree picked :)

Butterbean was a joy this weekend too. She laughed. Laughed and laughed. She is scooting ALL over the house. Has hit her head several times in the process and I give her a week and she will be sitting up on her own. She is already rolling over everywhere but now she is sitting on her leg and pushing her self up. it want be long at all.

Here is my latest sewing project. This one will be $25 and is a Becky original design. It is about 12 inches tall and about 12 wide. I even added a few buttons on the bottom. I think it turned out pretty cute and I had ZERO sewing injuries with this one.

I wanted to share with you my last layouts for Scrap-Tastic. This is using the August kit. After this month...I have stepped down from the Scrap-Tastic DT. I have had a wonderful time working with Becky and the other DT members. I hope you enjoy this kit as much as I did.

The chicken coop is complete. Billy worked all weekend on that puppy. I will have to get some pictures up soon of the chickens. They are growing so fast and we have managed to still keep all 21. Shawn is trying to talk us into more farm animals....ummmm no...not happening. And looks like ole Benji will have to head to the vet this saturday. His arthritis is getting pretty bad and his back hips are giving him a hard time. Not to mention the huge sore on his back end from crawling under the dog house. It's hard trying to decide when is the right time to let your doggies go....I am sure it is getting pretty close to that time for good ole Benji. I just don't want him getting to the point he can't get around anymore. And the last episode he had...what ever it was, stroke, heart has taken its toll on that good ole hunting dog. We will see....time will tell I guess.

i've been trying to get this Thirty-One off the ground. It's slow....but I'm trying. Just give me a buzz if you want to be a part of the newsletter :) or if you think you would like to see the catalog.

Okay..signing off for now. I need to get up off this computer and finish supper. I have been addicted all weekend to the "You know you went to Paulding County High if" facebook page and have laughed until I cried. It is so fun to think back to the good ole days. When we didn't have a care in the world.

night all...

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EmilyB. said...

It has been a great weekend. I love, love, love my scentsy stuff! It looks so good and smells even better! I'll have to tell you about the light bulb exploding :-)
Just a little side note, I know this girl who really, really likes green. She also likes the purse you just made. Just know with Christmas coming and all.....LOL