Friday, August 26, 2011

Great end to a long week

I don't know about you guys but this week has been LONG and dragging! I am so glad it is Friday night.
We have a busy weekend with most of Saturday at the family lake for our monthly fishing day and our never ending yard sale. Please come out if you can. We need to get rid of all this yard sale stuff! I am NOT packing it back up. Nope. not going to do it. Some come get it and make and offer :)

Sunday I plan on working on my last Christmas present quilt and maybe slip in a few more purses for the Arts fair. I'm really hoping to sell a good bit of my paintings while I am there this year. We hope at least. Positive thoughts right :)

So I got this beautiful fabric in the mail this week. My online quilting friend Julie posted a quilt she made her daughter. I fell in LOVE with this fabric. And don't you know it was discontinued! Of course it would be. Anything I love BUT....a little google searching here and there and I was able to find these 5 fat quarters in the UK! So I snatched them up. And we will just say that the US $ does NOT go over well in other countries :( so it was not cheap but it is okay. This is MY quilt. And I will be using these precious pieces in a Becky own design so stay tuned on that one. 

Danie became the model for a few more of Kayla's hats. Mr. Duckie. AND she sold 4 adult hats this week. Her largest order yet. So proud of her and these little hats. By the way Danie got a great bill of health at the dr Thursday. She weighs in at 14.7 lbs at 6 months of age. 25 inches long. Great health. Received 4 shots and was not a happy gal. But all in all a great appointment.

And I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I posted a relatively personal blog post earlier in the week. Some people had no idea that I battled some of the things that I did. I guess that makes it good to speak about because you can share with others and you may never know who all out there reads your blog might just be helping them battle their own demons just by them knowing someone else out there deals with the same problem. I received several sweet posts (you know who you are) and I also received several emails ;). One email in particular was from a someone who went as far as giving me the name of a book that she thought I should read. I honestly went out right then and bought it. Now to wait for Amazon to deliver it....but I can't wait to begin on it. And something she said in a message to me....really made a difference. She said..."today...I will love something about me and today I love my hair"....and she is RIGHT. Each day you should stop a moment and tell yourself what you love about YOU that day. Maybe it is something small...for me...coming up with something I love about myself is hard because I am so critical of every ounce of me....but today...because of her sweet comment and unexpected email....I will choose something that I love about me. Today I love my eyes. They see the world wide open...soaking in everything they possibly can. Today they were a lovely shade of blue....a calming blue. Today I loved my eyes because they were seeing ME from head to toe in a new light. (I think that was a pretty good start...don't you!)
Pick something that you love about yourself. Just one thing....and love it. Love that it is a part of who you are. to finish packing the car with my old stuff in hopes that will become someone elses new stuff. Have a great weekend! Quilt picks to come and who knows...I might even get a scrap page in this weekend!

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