Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Project 52- I've lost count

I know, I know...I could just go look on my Library page but I am tired and just don't want to flip thru the

I finally got my Kindle and my hubby gave me $25 to so I can't wait to load it full of books and read away. At the dear online friend Julie...has been suppling me with The Highlander series so I have several more paperbacks to go thru before I can start using the Kindle.

I JUST finished reading another Nicholas Sparks book. I just have to say if you love a true romance novel he is the writer for you. I have loved each of the books I have read so far. This latest one, The Wedding, is a sequel to The Notebook. And again....just fab writing skills. This is about Jane and Wilson. Jane is the daughter of Noah and Allie from The Notebook. They are later on in life....about to have their 30th wedding Wilson tries to rekindle their relationship after a major forgetful moment (forgot the 29th anniversary). And does he ever become the romantic. awwhhhhhh....if only my husband could think of things like thist. WOW.

A must read. Great chick book. Great weekend romance.


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