Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy sunday....

Boy I let this weekend just snatch me up and run away. I can't believe here we are Sunday already.
Saturday I spent the entire day....and that was from 7 am to 8 pm at the family lake helping with the Fishing Day and Yard Sale. It was a long day....and I was watching butterbean too. I was so exhausted by the time I got home.

Today was about the same. We got up and headed to the grocery store and then to Marietta to pick up a dresser that we bought for Butterbean. I don't think I have slowed down yet.

I did treat myself to a new purchase today. a Kindle. I have been saving up for it and selling my paperback books on ebay. Finally got up enough to buy it and a cover. I have to get it registered and then I can play with it for a while. Also started hanging my first bit of clothes out on the clothes line. In hopes to keep the electric bill down some. Any bit of money we can save on bills would be great right now. I am running out of things to sell on least ebay money is my play money. Now to just save up enough to buy some fabric at one of my favorite shops...the Intrepid Thread :)

I have a few little pictures of Danie sporting some new hats....check them out and if your interested in any please contact my daughter at We don't have all the hats listed yet but I'm trying to get them all up there as quickly as I can.

This is Misses Sock Monkey

Butterbean the Bee

and yes...Butterbean the bee with a diaper cover including a stinger :)

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