Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Time is flying by

Can you seriously believe it is MAY already! I mean really!
Just a few more days and my baby girl turns 21! geesh!
You know I can't make a blog post without a picture or two of butterbean. The other day Kayla had her on bellytime snapping pictures. I love this one because of her smile and those bright, blue eyes. she is just a cutie patootie. I didn't get to spend as much time with her yesterday as I would of liked because I was working in my scraproom. Cleaning, purging, posting things on ebay....I sold all my Stampin Up ink pads which I have had for ages and never used. Now I need to find a new organizer to go on  my table to hold a few things that were on the ink pad stand. Purging all my old scrapbook paper. Seriously...I had tons. I need to go thru my picture drawer now and purge and clean that sucker. Looks like I will be making a run to Michael's this weekend for some boxes and organizers. 

See....just precious. And yes that hair has a red tint to it. I'm telling you guys...she is going to be a strawberry blonde but not many others notice the red in her hair like I do I guess. just precious. love it. 

A little something I put together Monday night. I later on added musical notes along the top but I can't get that picture to upload right for me this morning. This is Billy and I last year during our boat ride at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville Tennessee. We had a great time that weekend. I picked up some Yellow Bicycle at Archivers a while back and this is a few of the items. It was just a quicky layout for a challenge at TallyScrapper.

I have lots more to show you. A tutorial for Scrap-Tastic, the May kit layouts for Scrap-Tastic, a Glue Dots blog post....still so much coming. Just need to find the few minutes to get the posts written up for stay tuned :)

Haven't been quilting much these days. But I hope to find the time soon.

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