Monday, April 18, 2011

We survived Wedding Weekend...

We started the weekend on Friday. A busy day with lots of errands, food to purchase and make, decorations to get together, meeting the delivery truck, organizing where everything goes, pedicures and rehersal. I wasn't sure we would make it through rehersal because the horrible storms that battered Arkansas and Alabama headed straight for us. We had a few sprinkles and some pretty dark clouds at the lake...but as always...God came through for us and always holds the rain off when we have events at the lake. None of the chairs or tents could be set up because of the incoming severe storms. The arbor had to be tied down. So set up was moved to Saturday morning.

We began the morning at 8 am. Setting up 120 chairs in 10 rows and trying to make them as straight as can be. sigh. not an easy job let me just say. As the boys were setting up the tents that the groom and bride would be hiding in, my mom and I were battling 30-40 mph wing gusts trying to decorate the arbor with tuel and flowers. I swear a 20 minute job took us at least an hour. That wind was horrible. The sashes finally came and we were able to decorate the chairs. The runner was a different story. Got all bu 4 feet of it staked down and a wind gust ripped that sucker up and took it flying. My dad and I were scrambling to grab it and get it staked down again....and find the original stakes....sigh.

But when the moment finally arrived....well take a look for yourself..Here is my daughter all dressed up so pretty.

And Shawn.....swoon...I have NEVER seen him dressed up like this and each time I saw him I had tears. He was so handsome and so just wow. That's my baby boy.

the wedding was beautiful. All the real flowers in vases held up and did not topple over during the ceremony. Everything went off perfectly like it should. The ceremony was just stunning.

My guys. Enough said.

And here is my step son Steven. The happy groom. He was wonderful and could not keep his eyes off his new bride. I am so happy for them two.

We did a pretty good job if I do say so myself.
My mom and aunt Ramona did fantastic handling the food tables. Bless their hearts they had to battle the wind and table clothes flying away, food trays toppling over. We were worried about the cake and the crystal vases falling over. It was a mess with the wind and the stress level was out the roof but as works out and turns out beautifully. Just as soon as the ceremony was done and everyone was seated...the runner goes flying Perfect timing huh. So as people are eating we begin the chore of take down and clean up. I hurt in every area I possibly can. My back is seriously in a lot of pain. Muscles hurt that haven't been used in years. But it was worth it all. To see this happy couple on their special day. It was worth it. And I am so happy to welcome Stephanie to our family and for them to start this new journey together.


Janet Z said...

Oh the photos are great!! What a gorgeous setting!

Michelle said...

gorgeous photos Becky! the bride and groom looked beautiful and your son woo he is a cutie!! beautiful family!thanks for sharing!