Saturday, April 23, 2011

I am so behind

I am so behind in blogging...sorry about that. It's been a crazy week. Wednesday we took Benji to the vet. There was nothing visible that the vet could see to cause his problems. Benji was so sad while we were there and barely moved and didn't bark once. They gave us antibiotics to give him. We finally got him to eat a few bites that night and take his medicine. Slowly each day he has improved. He is eating more and barking/walking around. He still walks like he is drunk and his depth perception is way off. We have been testing out his vision too which seems to be "off". The vet was so nice and called Friday so Billy stopped by there today. The vet came out and talked with him and was generally concerned about Benji which makes me feel great about this place. He said that it is highly possible, given the symptoms that he is showing still, that he could have had a stroke like we first expected. We can't tell without xrays and things like that. We will still monitor him and see how he does. If the wobbly/blindness/and miss stepping doesn't get better....we may still lean towards putting him down only because we can't continue to hand feed him every day and his quality of life is not what it should be. But we will see. He is our miracle dog right now and we are just enjoying seeing him bouncing around even if he does fall over with his wacky balance.

We had our first annual Lake Ramona Easter Egg hunt today. It was Danie's first of course and I had to get what pictures I could. It is still hard to take really good pictures of her since she can't sit up but we did pretty good I think. Now to sit down and do a little photo editing and then I have some yummy pictures to scrap.

Of course I can't wait to play Easter Bunny again tonight and bring her a little something for in the morning :)

Well....the baby is sleeping....Kayla is chilling....Shawn is working....Billy is cutting grass and I am way behind on some projects so I am hitting my craft room while I have some time and get some work done.

I hope everyone has a Blessed Easter Sunday.


Danielle Hunter said...

Oh, how sweet! I love the baby "bunny" in the basket. Happy Easter to you and your family!

Janet Z said...

Becky your photos are so precious!!

LollyChops said...

Love those baby photos!

I hope Benji gets to feeling better!