Saturday, April 2, 2011

All kinds of fun!

First off I need to direct you to my friends new online shop.....go check out her blog at The Intrepid Thread and see what giveaway she has up today. These are some beautiful charm packs and she just got new fabric for her store! I just need some moolah so I can go

I made this layout here for the Tallyscrapper Survivor challenge the other day along with using some paper from the Scrap-Tastic april kit. I love how this one turned out and it has lots of glitter and bling.

Now on to some more fun things.....This here is Butterbean sporting one of her new Strawberry hats that her mom made. This was the first one. The second one doesn't have as high as a top and is super cute too. She is selling these from $10-15 depending on the size. I just think they are precious. I put a few up in my etsy store which you can find HERE. She is currently working on a grape hat. I can't wait to see it. And she has yarn for a pumpkin hat and possibly a watermelon. Yep she is one crochet talented gal considering she just learned how to do this 4 months ago!

And what about this is a green apple. And as you can see it matches perfectly with the green apple swaddle Butterbean has on. I love the stems and how they twirl!

Not as long of a blog post as I had originally planned but hubby needs my help and I have a few things to do around the house. Hoping maybe some sewing time this weekend and I have a layout to do too...oh and clean the house. Can't forget that. We are having the septic tank pumped today (oh joy) so no washing clothes just yet. Guess that leaves me plenty of time to sweep, mop and vacuum.

I can't remember, as I am typing this, if I mentioned Butterbeans dr appt yesterday. All went well. She 8lbs and 10 oz, she has grown 2.5 inches and her head has grown a whole inch already. WOW. Her skin problem is eczema. Just told us to keep her lathered up in lotion. Stuffiness is okay but to put a humidifier in her room. And to increase her food to 5 ozs. She goes back in a few weeks to get her first shots. :(
We watched her last night while Kayla went out to eat. I simply love cuddling with that buggar. She was so good for us.

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