Friday, April 1, 2011

This and That

Okay...who ever is pulling the April Fool's joke isn't funny...grrr.
Man what a day.
Not even worth going into detail about. sigh.

Okay off to better and brighter things.
MAN. you should see the hats Kayla is making and selling. I can't wait to share them with you. She is a crochet maniac these days.

Getting ready for our HUGE...and I mean HUGE blog hop on the 6th.

Just finished reading it 14 or 15....gosh I need to go back and look it up. Anyway....DreamFever from the Fever Series. OMG. she didn't kill who I think she did!!!!! This was a really good book and I love the twists and turns...and really loved the nice side of Barrons. He is one dreamy, mysterious fella. I want to learn so much more about him but I am not sure the author will ever give it to us. We will see. I'm so happy I ran out and bought the last book, ShadowFever, last night. And I am seriously thinking about a Kindle. Seriously thinking about it. Maybe if I sell a few paintings?? Which I really need to get busy on making a few more for the arts fair. It's April now and Sept will be here before I know it.

Little Danie has her first Dr appt today. Will let you know how that goes. I can't wait to get home and snuggle with her this evening.

Okay this is short and sweet...will post some layouts this weekend for you :) Lots of pictures to come I promise

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Jewel said...

Don't tell me any more because I just started the Fever series... eeep! I love it so far.