Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Will you help WITH me?

Well I spoke to the Red Cross this morning and sadly....Japan has requested there to be no supply donations. They prefer monatary donations only. So I guess I will not be sending blankets to Japan like I has hoped. I appreciate everyone's effort and wanting to makes my heart smile. I guess as far as blankets go I will continue on with my project of making some to send to Project Linus here in the states. At least I know that children will be able to enjoy the blankets here.

We are each compelled in our lifetime to do something to help someone else. If it is just buying a cup of coffee as a surprise for someone in the morning....paying for someones dinner when they don't expect it...donating money to a charity of choice....there is always something we want to do to give back. One thing that I love more than I can explain is giving back to people...helping when least expected...

On my way into work today all I could think about was Japan. How heart broken it makes me to think of all these people...with no heat...dealing with this devastation....losing loved ones..not knowing if their loved ones are even alive...seeing these helpless children with no makes me cry everytime I turn on the news. And now to deal with all the radiation leakage. And yesterday yet another earthquake in a country already realing from such devastation.

I went to school with Natsuki Oku in 1985. She was an exchange student from Japan that lived with my current sister-n-law. I loved that girl. She was so much fun and it was great getting to see a culture that I had never experienced. We chatted via letters for many years and I even got the opportunity to be at her wedding a few years back when she came here to America to get married just for her American family. It makes my heart happy to know that she is still okay and that her family is okay. But what about the hundrends of thousands of others that are not. my heart breaks.

I need to do something. I have to do something. 1-3 inches of snow was expected to fall today with temps in the 20's. These people have no electricity. No heat. I think about all the stranded and buried people still waiting for rescue that may freeze. It's to much to take in. So I have to help. If it is just a small token...I. have. to. help.

So...I am going to make blankets. simple blankets. Tie blankets or whatever I can get together. Will you help me? I can't make a monitary donation. Our economy here has made that hard enough but I can lend my creative side and make something. I can spare 1 hour each day to work on a blanket that may keep someone one....some child....warm if only for the night. Will you make a blanket with me? If you would like to.....I will then take all the blankets I receive and donate them to the red cross so that they can then be shipped to Japan. If I only get 5....well that is 5 people that will be warm. If we get 10....that is wonderful and 10 people will be thankful. I know there are millions more that need help....but if I can just help one person....then that is what I will do. 1 person is better than none.

If your interested in helping you can contact me via the buttons on the right. Send me an email. find me on facebook. If your compelled to help...please pass this blog post along. The more people we can reach...the more help we can give.

WE can make a difference. If only a small difference....


Anonymous said...

Those blankets CAN be shipped "SEA MAIL" to Natsuki or her mama's house and I AM 100% SURE they will get to a REAL somebody. The cost of sea mail is MUCH MUCH cheaper than air mail- at least HALF the price.
It will take two weeks up to two months to get there by the book-
I have shipped Cmas gits to them in October to make sure they arrived on time- and the package arrived withing three weeks. I don't think three weeks is too soon or too late.
Can share addresses if asked-

Anonymous said...

By book? PaShaw-