Tuesday, March 15, 2011

revisiting my New Years Resolutions

So I thought it would be good to revist my New Years Resolutions ever 3 months. Whatcha think?
So here goes.....
would like to:

Focus more on my art (I'm trying)

Continue to work hard in the scrappy world and hopefully make a few more Design Teams (submitted to a few more the other day)

Continue to submit my work for possible publication (trying)

Lose these last 15 lbs  (hmmmm not doing so well on this one)

Reopen my etsy store

Finish MY quilt and then really get envolved in more quilting woot woot and I have made 3 more quilt tops

Hand make ALL my christmas for 2011 (ALMOST complete)

Make more time for me and my husband (We deserve it)

Take my first cruise want be happening this year :( 

Go to the Moonshine Festival

Sign up for Paulding Meadows again and maybe work in another art fair (paperwork to go out soon)

cut my hair SHORT

Take more weekend camping trips

okay so I didn't get as much completed so far as I thought I would. But that is okay. Nothing like a refresher to remind me to get on the ball and get some of these completed! I guess one isn't bad!

Kayla had her dr appt yesterday. All is going well. Her incision looks good...well...as far as a 3 week incision is suppose to look...she will go back in 3 more weeks. The baby should have her first appt soon. We just have a few more insurance bumps in the road to get through. But overall she is doing well in my eyes. She is such a cutie...but of course I tell you that all the time don't I :)

Got some sewing done yesterday. We want discuss how bad I am screwing up this quilt. Save that for another day.

And...started Weight Watchers today. Wish me luck. Working on that 15 lbs I need gone.

Oh and Shawn got his Job! woooohoooo. He just needs to get a work permit from the school and turn it in and then he will be working for the Paulding County Rec Department. Yeah Shawn.

Truck fixed. $562 later. Ouch. Man that could of bought me an awesome sewing machine...sigh

and finally....don't walk but RUN over to my new friends blog http://jewelsarmcandy.blogspot.com/p/tutorials.html
and try this awesome tutorial that she has been doing. The 3C's quilt. At first I thought it looked super duper hard but once I saw how she put it all together....it is easy peasy. I haven't tried it yet. But it is on my list of to do's!

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