Wednesday, March 9, 2011

She Art girl week two

So I finished my second She Art girl this morning. For some reason this one didn't tickle my fancy as much as the first one. I think it has to do with the pink/red or something.....but the girls here at work loved it so I guess I will leave her as is. I added the quilt since I have been attempting to quilt. I thought it would be a nice added touch to her. I plan on making one more and putting these in my craft room. This has really been a fun workshop and I am enjoying trying a different spin on painting. Now to just come up with something that will be unique to me so that I can add them to Paulding Meadows. I think it would be a cute spin on my usual paintings.

Here is a quick peak at her....I had to take this with my phone so it isn't the best picture in the world.

I had a wonderful retail therapy day yesterday at lunch. The girls here at work surprised me with a $100 (YES $100) gift card to Archivers so I hit up that store yesterday and bought lots of goodies in pink, etc for some layouts of Danie. And bought some cool pens too. Oh and some Smooch paint. Then I headed to the Atlanta Sewing Company and bought a walking foot for my sewing machine. Then come to find out last night that I bought the wrong thread! ugh. I got polyester instead of 100% cotton. Not sure it makes a difference but we will see. At $6 a spool I am not going to waste it. And then yes....I went on over to Barnes N Noble and bought the next book in the House of Night series. I just couldn't wait until the And I also bought the next book in the Fever Series (Book 3). So seriously...I am set on books for at least a few more months. Oh and I found a sewing machine that I just LOVED but was $1500 so that will NEVER be in my budget...well unless I can talk a bunch of people into buying a BUNCH of!  I seriously have lots left to sell so yeah...that sounds good....head on over to my shop and check it! Mama needs a new sewing

Babie Danie is doing well. Not sleeping much and finally pooping on a regular basis. her mom is exhausted but....comes with the territory I tell her. She is doing well and really being a great mom so far. I'm proud of her. Now if someone would just give her a good job the world would be perfect. I'm crossing my fingers that Rue 21 will give her a shot. I would much rather her get into retail like that than the pizza place.

Shawn goes for his drug test this weekend and that should seal his job with the county rec department. He is still looking for a regular job of course but this will be something at least he can make a few bucks for gas and insurance.

Well....gotta finish my lunch and then read for a while. Happy Wednesday my blog friends

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Jewel said...

Depends on the thread... I use polyester because it is thinner and stronger and I love the way it looks. My favorite is essential pro from Connecting Threads it is super cheap for the amount you get too.