Friday, March 18, 2011

Project 52 - Books 10 and 11

And moving right along. I think I am doing pretty good on this "reading 52 books" project.
we are 11 weeks into the year and I finished book 11 last night. Right on target I do believe :)
So lets see if this week I can get a book ahead just because....

So I finished The House of Night books Tempted and Burned this last few weeks. And I have to admit that Burned actually had be crying. I was surprised how much it moved me. I have really fell in love with Zoey and all her friends. I love how devoted Nyx is to those that give themselves to her. Just an all around great series. There is only one more book left to read, Awakened, that just came out. I did find out that there are a few more books coming out this year: Nyx in the House of Night around June 2011 and Dragons Oath around July 2011. And it looks like the next book in the series will be Destined but no release date yet.

I didn't get the chance to grab Awakened before I left. It is hiding in Kayla's room. But I did grab the Notebook by Nicholas Sparks and will start it today at lunch. It looks like a pretty quick read and I have heard the movie is really good.

We shall see.

So what have you been reading lately. Please do share....

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