Friday, March 11, 2011

Finally Friday

so it is finally Friday! Thank goodness. I didn't think this week would ever get over with. But thankfully it is friday and also PAYDAY! wootwoot. gotta love payday.
Although it is honestly all gone before I even get it....sigh.

Been working here and there on a little layout for TallyScrapper and Magistical Memories. Can't wait to show it to you. I think it is kinda cute myself :) and of course you know it is of the little one below.

Little Miss Danie. Gosh I love this little girl. She is so fun to cuddle with. Last night she was soooooo good and would just watch you and stare at you. I can't wait until she is cooing and smiling good at you. She had a few fussy times and not sure if she was hurting or what. She has a terrible butt rash...mainly where her urine touches her..almost like a we are keeping cream on her. But other than that she seems to be doing very well. I can't wait to take some pictures of her this weekend.

Finally had a few moments to sit down at the sewing machine. I learned how to chain stitch. OMGosh why haven't I learned that before. So. much. easier! So I whipped through some squares for this next quilt I am making. This one is a design of my own so we will see how it turns out. Pretty simple. Hoping to work some more on it tonight.

Shawn went and took his first drug test along with a physical last night. This is for his job with the Rec Department for the County. He will be a score keeper for softball games for now. It's not much but its a job at least and one that he can put on a resume. He tickled me....he came home and the first thing he said was "The worst words ever invented were turn your head and cough" LOL. Love that kid.

Kayla is still job hunting. I really do not want her working at Little Ceasers again just because I think it will not be worth it. she want be making enough money to cover childcare and I am sure they will want to work her nights which is not going to work either. I was really hoping she would get a call from Rue 21 yesterday but it didn't happen :(

Oh poop...I'm sitting here just typing away and it is 6:12 in the morning and I should already be getting ready for work and leaving. Okay gotta run. Happy Friday!

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