Saturday, February 19, 2011

So what do you do....

(Blog post written while waiting Friday

So what do you do when you are waiting and waiting...and excited and waiting some more????
Well I can tell you what I do...I create. It helps pass the time.

We've been sitting here at the house today just waiting for 5:30 to get here so that Kayla can call the hospital to see if they have a room for her. Lord knows I didn't sleep last night because all I could think about was a few quilts I was trying to design up (insert....confusion since I suck at math and can't figure out sizes for nothing) and about waking up and knowing that today my life will change once again....a grandmother.

I piddled with this and that.....did a few chores around the house. Loaded up and went out to eat for lunch and then headed to the quilt store where I finally found the border for a quilt I was stuck on and then bought the fabric for the center squares on the quilt I am making baby Danie. I hope to get some time this next week to at least finish the purple and gold one and maybe start on the Quilt-A-long one. Although another thing I kept thinking about last night was the quilted purse my mom wants for Christmas. I might need to work on that. And then again it is only February have plenty of time...right?

So as the day progressed...and after watching a sneak peak video for the She Art Workshop...I had the urge to paint. So I pulled out 1 of the last 3 canvases that I have and started working on this. Not excactly what I had in mind but I think it turned out pretty neat. Different.
I just know I am going to love learning more in this class...I can't starts on the 28th and even more fun is a new online friend that I have made, Julie of Sew Jewely, is going to be taking it too. Its more fun I think when you have someone to bounce ideas off of, etc.

And then Thursday night I sat watching American Idol and Grey's Anatomy and made Beaded Bookmarks. I made 7 of them and did put them up in my etsy store. I haven't had anything in there in a while. Here is the link in case you want to check out the rest of them.... BOOKMARKS.

I also managed to get a scrapbook page completed but I can't share that one with you until next week. And of course I had to get me a list going for things to complete next week while I am off. Things like 5 scrapbook pages and an Art Journal entry that I am sooo behind on...sorry Rachel :(
I ordered some button making kits yesterday so that I can try my hand at some button bracelets. I would really like to try handpainting on some of these and see how they turn out. Another project to add to the list

And I wonder why I can't turn my brain off at night.

Okay folks.....well it is Friday afternoon...time to wind it all down and head on out. I promise that my next blog post will be full of cuddly baby pictures.

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