Friday, February 18, 2011

Earth Day Project Tutorial - Glue Dots

So today I am going to show you my very first tutorial :) I'm kinda nervous and hope you like it. 
This project is based on Earth Day and how we can recycle items to make cute projects or gifts.

We will be using Glue Dots Permanent Dots for this project. Also needed are:
1 1/4 inch circle punch
Red, Pink and green pattern paper/cardstock
Black ink
Bone folder
Misc recycled items (I used a starbucks oatmeal lid)
Floral wire
Chipboard letters

First I punched a bunch of circles out of my pink and red paper. Then inked the edges on both sides.
Once that is done....take the first circle and fold the top sides in until it forms a point. You will have a point as half the circle and the bottom half will remain a cirlce half. Now fold the sides in. So now you have a point and then the bottom half kinda looks like a rectangle. (I totally did not think abut taking pictures as I was making the circles..sorry about that). Here is where I then apply the glue dot....on the bottom of the circle. Use the bone folder to help you fold the bottom up to make a flower. You want just a little part of the point to show. They will look like little rose buds. (see the below picture for a visual). Now make a bunch of these...I made about 15 or so. It's okay to have extras. I did not use all the ones I made.

Once I was finished with all the flowers I took the starbucks oatmeal lid (white circle above) and began to put my flowers together. First I took the glue dots and layers about 3 in the center of the circle and cut floral wire into 4 inch stems. Then I layered them on top of the glue dots. Now it is time to layer your rose buds. Started at where you would like the base of your bouquet to be....using glue dots on the back, lay the first row of flowers. Then start on the second making sure to push the flowers, really good, behind the first row. Keep doing this until you have the bouquet looking like you want it to. Filling in all spaces. This is a good time to take your green cardstock and cut out leaves. I then cut those leaves in half and placed them in various areas in the flowers to help fill up space.

Cut your base of the bouquet out of the green cardstock. I just eyed it and cut making sure that it would cover the first row of flowers and then also cover the stems. I tore the top edge for an added distressed look. Using the Glue Dots, adhere this onto the flowers.

Now take your ribbon, slip it under the stems, and tie into a bow. This will help make the flowers look more like a bouquet. 

I save husband can tell you I scrummaged around and found some cardboard, cut the size that I wanted and then tore off the top layer - leaving the currogated part. Run your ink pad over the edges and the top for some added color and distress. 

Now you can put your project together.
Using the Glue Dots...attach the doilie to the cardboard and then attach the starbucks lid (or what ever you decided to use for the base) to the doilie. I added some chipboard around the top and bottom to finish off this project. 

I hope you enjoyed this...I know for the future to take a lot more pictures while I am putting something together but just had to share this with you with hopes that maybe you will try to make one of these too. It is a fun way to make a gift and to use up stuff laying around the house that normally would end up in the trash.

"This wrote this blog post while participating in the Glue Dots Design Team"

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Jewel said...

How did you make the roses? This is so cute. The heart thing I showed you was done on cardboard from some bookshelf boxes we had from my daugther's new bookshelves.