Sunday, February 6, 2011

New painting and another weekend gone

Boy this weekend went by a little fast. Still no baby. Kayla's Dr. appt is tomorrow and she will officially be 39 weeks. She is so miserable and ready for little "Danie" to get here. I think we are all ready for her to be here. Saturday we spent the day running around here and there and when we weren't in the car doing errands...I was at home playing with crafts. I started this painting Friday night and finished it on up Saturday after a quick run to the Goodwill to find a book that I could use the pages for on this painting. I know you can't see it very well in the picture but in person you can see wording from the pages of the book coming through the paint. I really love it. It's so imperfect with the wrinkles and the quote was JUST RIGHT. Hopefully this will find its way into someones home and they will enjoy it as much as I do. 

Imperfection - $40 16x20
Sunday was a great, relaxing day. We spent a good 3 hours over at my parents house. My mom was putting down tile in the dad was piddling in his shop making a birdhouse (I LOVE to watch him make things that he just thought up. Gosh I love that man). It makes me happy just watching them do things they love to do and just spending time with my family. After our visit we headed on home where I worked on another quilt. I am still waiting on a few items of fabric to come in to finish cutting but there are about 30 blocks I can sew on this one while I wait. I also found a quilt store 1 mile from my house...wohooohooo. I stopped by there to say HI and get to know the owners. They said I could bring my quilt tops over and they would take a look at them and help me out with a few problems or suggestions I need. LOVE IT! Also found the PERFECT fabric for another quilt I want to make the grandbaby. This one will be using a pattern from a Quilt-A-Long that I found on a blog that I visit daily. Sew Jewel....great blog. Stop by there when you get a chance.

So now we are just waiting for supper to finish cooking. Kayla is on the couch working on some drawings. Billy is just sitting around. Shawn is off at a friends house to watch the football game. I'm about to get all comfy and work on this book I'm reading. Seems as I am liking this series :)

And then wake up and start a whole new week again tomorrow. BUT...the good thing about that is we are just a little closer to Danie getting here which means a week long vacation for me and a cute little baby to play with....good times!

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