Monday, February 7, 2011

Project 52 - Book 4 - and today's happenings

Moving right along.....

I just finished up Book two in the House of Night Series - Betrayed.
I have to say it is getting more interesting to me. I was a little hesitant to read the series as I thought it would be too teenagery for me....but I am liking them actually. This one actually had me sad at times because Zoey lost someone that meant a lot to her. And I was sad because someone has turned out to not be who I hoped and thought he/she was. Ya know....I can't give details and give the book away.

But I was pleased. A very quick read indeed. Just a few days.

So now I am 4 books in for the year and hopefully will make up lost time with the next book in this series - Chosen.

On a different note...I got a WONDERFUL package from an online etsy store today with a YUMMY Jelly Roll from Moda! I LOVE this fabric. It will make up the quilt that I will be making for my little grandaughter. This will be a full sized quilt with embroidery on it. It will be super duper cute. And I also got some fun fabirc that at the time I am sure I had plans for but now that I have it...I have no clue was I intended to use it I didn't get to work on my current quilt today like I hoped but there is always tomorrow.

Today was Kayla's 39th week dr appt. All things well on course....she is dilated to 1.5 cm, 70% effacted...and getting ready. Now all us moms know you can stay at 2 cm forEVER but lets hope not this time around. We are shooting for this week! The baby is turned wrong...hard headed already...she is face up which she needs to be face down. This would explain the soft spot on Kayla's tummy this last week. Odd...I never knew it mattered which way their face was in order to deliver but now that I think more on it...well it just makes sense. So hopefully she will turn in the next day or so. The Dr. said if she would turn it would help her dilate faster. So we are hoping :) That little one will be here before we know it. And then world is REALLY going to change. Well...and Kayla's I wonder how jealous my cat will be...snicker.

time to hit the bed...I hope to share a few projects in the works with you this week. Some Imaginisce goodness....
oh and wish me luck....I sent in my Clear Scraps DT submission :)

have a great evening

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doverdi said...

So glad that you are enjoying reading the House of Night books. I've read them all & loved them. I hate having to wait til Nov for the 9th book in the series. (I'm not a teenager either lol). Some of these books are aimed at teens yet I'm not sure after reading them myself if I'd recommend them for teens.

I try to keep track of my yearly reads but I end up reading too fast & too many books & lose count. lol I'm trying again this year to keep track.