Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Tuesday

Dogwood - $50

Well first I wanted to share this painting with you that I just completed last night. I think it turned out pretty well :) Each canvas is 11x14. Now to find a home for it. My carft room is becoming over taken again with paintings.

Yesterday was a pretty productive day. I uploaded and rearranged all my photos that were in a "dump" file on my computer. That took a good solid 2 hours but I was glad to get it done. I would like to start making a book for the Thackston family but I am not sure when I can get started on it. I really do have to many projects going on now as it is and can't figure out how to add one more. Maybe that one will just have to go on the back burner for now. I also sat down and organized all my fabrics into colors. That felt good to do. I didn't realize how much fabric I did have. Not enough to amount to anything but lots of scraps. I found a quilt-a-long I want to do but I will need to buy a jelly roll first. I am a month behind on it already but it looks very cute and would make a great quilt for Danie.

Speaking of Danie. She is going to be a little hard headed I do believe. Kayla has been showing signs of getting ready for labor but after yesterdays doctor visit...no dilation. So Danie is still cooking. I wish she would give us some sign as to when she is coming. The anticipation is going to kill me I think.

I'm working on getting my blog post ready for Thursday. I am a little behind on editing pictures and posting. Stay tuned for more goodness :)

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