Sunday, February 27, 2011

A great end to a wonderful vacation

It's been a pretty productive weekend I think. I finally...finally found the extra time to add a few more rows to this quilt top. I think I really like it now and will do a brown trim around the edges. But, right now it is sitting in my "to be quilting" pile. At least it is done which I am happy about.

On to the rest of the weekend. We really enjoyed playing with Danie each day. Her Uncle Steven and Aunt Stephanie stopped by and of course we had to get a picture of them all together. This was the first baby Steven had held. It was precious.

We had a visit from Great Grandmama. She was so excited to see little Danie. And of course I had to bribe her to let me take this picture because she DOES NOT like having her picture made! Not one bit.

this has to be one of my favorite pictures that I took of her this weekend. Sound asleep...just being so cute. She has done really well and it is hard to believe that today she turned a week old. Where did the time go. I mean really we were just at the hospital. This week has just flown by and now I have to head back to work and try to get myself back into some sort of a routine again. I guess that will be best...for me and for Kayla. She needs to be able to do all this on her own. She has been doing a great job I do have to say. She has only freaked out a few times :)
Little Danie's belly button cord fell off today. Another sign of how fast time is going. Before to long she will be holding her head up and scooting around everywhere.

I also got this picture painted today. A coworker sent me a picture of her living room rug and wanted something similar. So I took a few blocks from the rug and made this. And the circles...they are actually cardboard so that it has some cool 3-D looks to it. I hope she likes it in person. That always makes me nervous.

Tomorrow I start the She Art Workshop which I am really excited about. I need to finish cutting this quilt that I started on today so that I can clean off my craft table and focus on the painting for a week or so. I also signed up for the Soul Restoration 6 week course. I wasn't going to do it because of the money but I did anyway. I know I will enjoy it and since I don't go to crops or anything....I deserve it don't you think.

I promise to get my scrap-tastic layouts up in a few days. Just waiting on the go ahead for those.
So please stay tuned for some scrappy goodness :)

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