Friday, February 25, 2011

A Few more Danie pics....

So I just can't get enough of this little one. Today is Friday...the last day of my vacation....and the last day I get to spend continous time with her. I mean...I know she lives with me and all...but it is just not the same. She has been precious and a total delight to be around the last 5 days. Wow...I can't believe it has been 5 days. This time last week we were sitting in the Labor & Delivery Waiting room...waiting for a bed and room to come available for us. It was a very, long weekend to say the least. I think we are all still trying to catch up on our sleep around here. Especially Kayla. She has done really well but it is totally exhausted. It has been a treat to watch her go through all the mother emotions that you are hit with when you become a mother for the first time. So much to learn. So many emotions. So tired.

Today I wanted to dress her up a least something other than a Kayla brought me this cute sleeper and hair bow. Isn't she just precious! seriously. I am in love with this 7 lb little being.

and I couldn't resist showing you my all time favorite picture. My dad with his new great granddaughter. 60 years of stories and life between these two. And he picked her up and held her like he has done this every day of his life. I see those strong, hard working hands holding this innocent, precious new life...and it just brings tears to my eyes. I love him so much. I love her so much. I guess Kayla is not the only one going through a lot of emotions. It is pretty overwhelming at times.

Hopefully Miss Kayla will get some sleep this evening. Or least more than an hour at a time.
I managed to get a few scrappy items done this week. I hope to share those with you before the end of the weekend. Cut a few strips for a quilt and began playing around with a design for the next one I want to do. Lets hope I totally royally screw this one up.

Oh and I can't wait for the She Art Workshop to begin Monday night. woohooo!
And diets...well we want talk much about that. Considering I have now gained back everything I lost back in the summer. Totally dissapointing. BUT....we want lose faith...I started working out with the Biggest Loser game for the Wii yesterday. And I am only 2 work outs in and already feeling muscles used that haven't been for a while. Now to just make it a total habit and get back into watching what I eat. I can do this. Summer is coming :)

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