Friday, January 14, 2011

What I think about the snow

What I think about the
I love how it is so white and makes everything so beautiful.
I love feeling like a little kid again and playing all day long.
I love making snow angels even though my entire side hurt for two days from trying to make one in the snow.

I love how peaceful nature is and how quiet the  morning is as you look at that beautiful white blanket.
It only comes around like this once every 10-15 years. I can't recall ever seeing snow like this although I know the snow of '93 was a good one. I must of been traumatized because I can't remember

I love watching the kids play.
I love watching the dog chase snowflakes.
I love how people make the most coolest snowmen/women and what ever else they can seem to make (such as Desiree and Trevors igloo!)
Now for the coats everything and makes it so very shiny but yet so beautiful. Well that is until the power goes out---which didn't this time around thank goodness.

Now....what I find that I DONT like about this much snow...
we can't see our driveway therefore it is hard to get out. And once the snow is melting and leaves all that blasted driveway becomes an ice covered ski slope straight into the garage. Thank goodness for good brakes.
I can't stand how nasty the snow looks after a few days of traveling on it and snow plows. It gets all nasty and dirty and is no longer that pretty, fluffy white stuff.
I HATE....did I say that loud enough....I really hate all the drivers who act like they have never seen snow/ice before and want to drive like a bat out of **** on the roads. I have never been so stressed as I have the last 3 days driving along side idiots on ice covered roads in order to get to work. Thank you to those that took their time and actually drove slow with me ;)
Okay after 5 full days of having this stuff on the ground...I'm over it. Schools have been out all week. Kids have cabin fever. Mom has cabin fever. I don't see how you guys that get snow like this all the time manage. Kudos to you my friends. Kudos to you. the end of the day...when I look out my window and see the above picture...I feel mightly lucky that God has graced us with this beauty. With something we rarely get to see. And it IS beautiful.

(now....its going on day 6 so melt would you please!)

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Marit said...

I will send good vibes your way, so the snow will melt... we has a lot here in the Netherlands and yes, it was pretty but MAN - am I glad it's gone now!!