Sunday, January 16, 2011

Good Friends....will always be in your heart

awwhhhhhhhh the joy of friends. You never know when a friend will come into your life and how long they will remain. 7 years ago, as I was teaching Weeblos II in our local Cub Scout Pack....the Lamberts joined the Pack. They had Ricky who was the same age as Shawn, Justice and little Riley who was 6 months old.

Little did I know that Ricky and Shawn would become best friends and that I would grow so close to this family. I can't begin to count how many nights these boys have spent together at each others house. How many campouts we have all went on. How much they have all grown. That is Ricky on the right hand side who I think is taller than everyone now. He is next to his darlin girlfriend. Shawn....who purposely deleted the photo taken before this one so that I wouldn't have a picture of him...well he is taking this picture. Drat him.

Who is that sitting on my lap...well that would be the famous Finn. Finn keeps Laura pretty well entertained 24/7. I got to see Finn the day after she was born. That big 9 1/2 lb girl. And let me tell you...she is still heavy. I thought my legs were going to fall asleep between holding her and trying to do a wall squat on the couch! next to me. Boy has she grown. Justice is over there with Nicole and Ricky. And of course you know Kayla and Billy. Mark and Laura are in the front next to Kayla.

The guys have become so close to us and I love their children dearly. It took me a while to get Justice to have much to do with me but when he did....well I love that kid! I love them all.

Why the special blog post you ask....well this dear family is moving 2000 miles away in just a few short days. They are packing and relocating to Utah...just outside of Salt Lake City. I'm excited for them. They are just a down to earth, nature loving family and I know that side of the US will give them so much camping time, hiking fun and just enjoying nature. I'm excited for them because not everyone can just up and relocate...I know for me I would have to many emotional attachments here to do that. I envy that they are able to do this new adventure. Hopefully in the future I can see a Utah trip for us all.

But I have to say I will miss this family tremendously. I know Shawn will miss his best friend. I know that the last 7 years has been special because they were introduced into our lives. And this is not a goodbye...its just a "we will see you later".....
but...I will still miss them!

Lambert family.....the Thackston family loves you and wishes you safe travels and so much fun out there in Utah! don't forget us..okay :)


Andrea Amu said...

Ohh, I'm sorry that your close friends are moving far away! That's never an easy thing to to, but thank goodness that in this technological age... it's soo much easier to keep in contact!

Rebecca said...

Sorry to hear your friends are moving. Definitely a good excuse for a vacation :)

Lynn said...

that's a bummer on a move. and andrea's right. the techy age rocks.

ellen s. said...

oh no! that's the worst isn't it? but you have some great memories and friends for life.

such a sweet tribute to your friendship.