Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Glue Dots and Spring

Awwhhhh Spring. It's really not that far away. And after dealing with a week of snow/ice on the ground. I can honestly say, which is odd since I love the winter, that I am ready for Spring. For the flowers to begin popping out of the ground. The birds coming back to nest. Getting out in the sun reading a book. So....I just had to jump at the change to make a spring project. To brighten up this winter just a tad.

I purchased these wooden flowers at my local craft store a few years ago. I didn't know what I would do with them until I was given the challenge to come up with something spring related. I started off by painting the areas that I knew I would not cover with paper. Once that was dry I traced the flowers onto my patterned paper, cut them out, and then adhered them with Glue Dots ® Craft Dots. The same process for the leaves. Then I used some black ink to ink all the edges. Cut out circles in coordinating patterns and distress the edges and add more ink. I then adhered the centers and buttons together with Glue Dots ® Mini Dots. The project was complete by adding some glitter snow in the pots. Now I have a cute flower display to make it feel like spring is here.

"I wrote this blog post while serving on the Glue Dots Design Team"

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Road Warriors 6.08 said...

Becky!!!! These are awesome!