Tuesday, January 11, 2011

day two of Snow Jam 2011

It's hard to believe that we have completed day two of our Snow Jam 2011! Two days of staying at home with major cabin fever and kids that DO NOT want to get out in the snow. What is up with that??? I have had to pull and beg Shawn to go outside with me...lol. It's all pretty and white outside BUT....I am ready for it to get gone now. I don't mind the snow but it is the ice I can't stand. The interstates have been shut down in areas and just a complete mess. Billy had to go to work today. He is on his way home now and hopefully will get home safely with no problems.

Here are just a few snap shots of this weeks snow:

Just a small glimpse at the ice build up on the trees as of last night

Evening sun set shot...love the light shining on the ice/snow

Up one side of the street...no traffic at all

It's finally beginning to melt but will refreeze I am sure

thawing out his truck yesterday morning
It was a surprise to really get this much snow again. But this state is just not prepared for lots of snow and ice. No matter how soon we know it is coming. The schools have been closed for two days and I am sure they will be closed tomorrow too. It is suppose to get down to like 13 degrees tonight I believe which is just insane. So all this mush will just freeze again. I don't plan on getting out until the sun comes up at least before I try to travel to work. I work a good 20 miles away so that is a long way on ice and yuck. We will just see. the bad thing is having to use my vacation time for these two days off :( which I was saving for when Kayla goes into labor. Oh well...guess I will figure something out.

And.....what do I do when I am snowed in for 2 days. Sew! Well between that and scrapbooking. I got at least one page done and a write up done for Glue Dots. And a few blog posts ready to go for later this week. But the rest of the time I spent it trying to get this quilt top done that I started yesterday. I hate leaving things around unfinished so I had no choice but to finish it today...lol. I made a few measurement errors on this one but considering I changed the pattern up a bit and the outside border...I think I did pretty good. Gotta learn somehow. I'll set this one to the side now and get the backing for it later on and get it finished. This will be the first Christmas present for 2011 that I needed to complete.

Now I am ready for a nap and some yummy supper that is cooking in the crock pot. Maybe some hot tea...yum....and some kids that aren't fussing every 5 minutes.

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