Tuesday, December 7, 2010

just a few pics

Here is our house at dusk. It is "suppose" to be a lake with the deers and a tree. I had two trees but one went up in smoke :( Hubby got the outside lights up Sunday.

These are some of my most favorite lights. It reminds me of when I was younger and we lived in the trailer at my parents current house. We would decorate the outside awning (porch roof) with these lights. I always loved them. And our inside tree was decorated with old ornaments that we made in school and these ornaments that bubbled when they got hot. And lots and lots of tinsel!

Kayla turned 30 weeks yesterday. I grabbed this shot of her in front of the tree. It is still hard to believe that I have a little grandaughter in there. And only 10 more weeks to go. Wow. It is going to be changing around here that is for sure. Everything is till going well. They are testing Kayla for Hypothyroidism right now. She just had her second round of blood work done but it appears that she may have had a thyroid problem for a while now and the pregnancy has just magnified it. I am hoping that no treating it has not hurt the baby in any way. And maybe once they get a diagnosis for her and some medication...some of her symptoms will go away.

This was my latest Christmas drawing project. I haven't done many animals or at least not any in a while so I really get nervous doing those that mean something to someone...that special animal. This was done with an Indian Ink medium and just washed on in different degrees of color. Then I used some charcoal and colored pencil (white) in other areas for an added medium. I am pretty proud of it and I hope the new owners will love it.

Just a few more days and I can escape with my husband for the weekend. I know we really need the getaway and I hope it is good for us. things have just been a little stressed around here and I know when the baby gets here our lives will turn upside down for a while. Plus it is a great way to celebrate Billy's 50th birthday!

I think I will turn in early for the night. I am to tired to scrap or anything else. I have about 6 projects to show you soon for Scrap-Tastic. Just waiting for the go ahead to post them all. I sure hope you like them!

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