Tuesday, December 28, 2010

and the quilting begins and snow

I finally got the tree taken down on Sunday and began quilting MY quilt. The colors are soooo not me...bright yellows and greens...but the fabric is Basic Grey by Modo so anyone that knows me knows....I'm a Basic Grey fanatic and it was a must have to buy. I'm hoping to have the sewing part done by this weekend.

Big hopes huh?

The boys are going hunting Friday so that leaves me all weekend to do nothing but scrap and quilt so yeah....it better be done by Sunday.

Back to work we go this week. The snow is melting away but it sure was pretty while it lasted. We got a good 3-4 inches when all was said and done. The roads are still a little iffy this morning in places but it should be all gone by this afternoon. It's just so rare for us to get so much snow and this is our second really large snowfall for 2010. I love it.

Kayla had her 33 week check up yesterday. All is going well with butterbean. Due date still the same. Growing good. Heartbeat good. One more visit in two weeks and then she starts to go weekly. Then the fun begins. We have a baby shower in just 2 weeks and hopefully that will be the final task of getting everything this little one needs. The largest expense yet to go is the stroller/carseat. And bottles. and......yeah I am sure the list goes on and on. Diapers diapers and diapers. I think she has enough to last the first week. Man I am going to hate having to buy diapers again! sigh.

oh well...

Have a great Tuesday.

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