Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas day....and the day after....

Kayla opening her necklace that is the baby's birthmonth
awhhhh Christmas was so wonderful this year. We woke up at 7 or so....not to long after that our son comes running into the bed room, his comical self, making us laugh way to much, and jumps in the bed. I love it. Although our king sized bed is getting a little too small now for this tradition. He runs back and grabs his stocking (and mine and dads) and begins going through it. A few minutes later we hear a knock...its the daughter wanting to come join in. Although it takes her a little longer since she is lugging the grandchild with her :)

We then preceeded to make a mess of breakfast. Hubby froze the hashbrowns so we had to cook them but the outcome was yummy. Then off to open presents. Kayla was the first to see hers. An antique rocking chair for her to use with the baby in her room. She was tickled with that. I handed out presents and everyone sat down. I began to fuss because next to my purse I bought myself was a box. We had agreed NOT to exchange gifts this year because money was tight but um someone didn't listen. I had Shawn go and get dads present (I know I didn't listen either but it was just T-shirts and a hoodie). What he didn't know was that his guitar was hidden back there too. He was like "What??? What is this?" at first he thought it was just the case and then he opened find a new acoustic guitar. After 3 years I think he has out grown the jr guitar and needed a real one :) He LOVED it. Christmas was complete for me.
Shawn in his country boy gear and his new guitar
Well then it was time for me to open mine. I ripped and opened and started to cry. I didn't mean to but I did. I am not sure if I was crying because how thoughtful my husband was or because I know how expensive it was and I was just talking the other day about not charging anything else to our cards so that we can try to be debt free this year. But I cried. And it was great. Hubby surprised me with a laptop. HP. Beautiful. Black. LOVE IT! something I NEVER would of bought myself. now when we go camping or go on vacation I can still piddle and work and what ever. Even if we go to a family reunion I can take it and share my genealogy stuff. Yep I love it.

My Christmas morning painting - $95.00
 My friend Rachel sent me every color in the rainbow of paints. I loved it. So I broke them out and started painting. The above piece is what I finished. Now to get it sold and start my 2011 year off right with my paintings and crafts. I really want to do good, business wise, with selling paintings.

And this has to be my FAVORITE picture of all time. My son and my mom! Neither one like to have thier pictures made so it was a chore to get this one. Three different tries but it was worth it and I love it. this will be printed out for sure and sitting somewhere in the house.

We finished up the evening with the Thackston's and had a great time watching Landon and Lauren play around in the wrapping paper. Everyone loved the pictures/paintings I made them which was great. That makes my heart smile.

And to top off Christmas we had our first WHITE Christmas. It is beautiful and the first time since the 1800's. The ground is so white this morning and of course we are about to take off in it and head to the store. The Christmas decorations come down today and then I will start working on my quilt and hopefully start soon working on Christmas gifts for next year. It's going to be a handmade Christmas next year. Actually next year will be full of new everything. 2011 is sure to be an interesting year I believe.

Merry Christmas! and I wish you all a very Happy New YEAR!


Lynn said...

how fun!!! and sweet. so glad you had an awesome day. and your painting is wonderful. i thought that's what you got for christmas. loveit.

Beth said...

Sounds like such a fun time! Great memories & how cool that your hubby got you a laptop!!