Saturday, November 27, 2010

This and That

First off I just LOVE this picture of me and the girls. We have an annual picture that we take and last weekend was no exception. We had a great party at the house and just enjoyed each others company.

I started sometime during the week decorating the tree. Here it is complete with the presents too! I was a busy girl wrapping yesterday and as you can see below....

Black Friday shopping was a success! I got everything completed except for about 3 people so all in all it was great. We shopped from 6 am until about 2:30! I was so exhausted and I think all in all we hit about 9 stores and then I shopped online at 2. Doesn't look like much above but lots of little packages I guess. The only sad thing is the kids know what they are getting for that Basics box is a nice pair of cowboy boots that shawn is going crazy not being able to! i even found me a purse that was $70 at JC Penney's and got it for $25. I was a good girl and put it under the tree and will wait to use it too :)

Some snap shots of our yummy Thanksgiving dinner. This is my famous Sweet Potato Souffle that gets eaten all up! I have NONE left for I made homemade cranberry sauce which was very good, turkey, green beans, cauliflower salad, corn and my mom brought dressing, corn, beans and potato salad. It was the best! The boys left at about 2:30 and went hunting. Hopefully they are having a good time and will get something. Mom and my sister left Friday to go to North Carolina for the night and antique shop all day today. I was suppose to go but I didn't since Shawn stayed home. It is okay. I've gotten lots done today myself and even got all my quilt squares cut! Oh and what do you think of my Bre Tarts below. My gosh they were delish! Thank you Melody at Brave Girls club for posting this recipe.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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