Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Time is flying by

More quickly than I would like for it to.
Kayla had her week 29 doctor appointment yesterday. Seems everything is still going good. Which is good. They do want her to go see a thyroid specialist because her tests came back wonky. I think it is wonky just because she is pregnant and her body is out of sorts but I am not a doctor so who knows. But other than that all is good. The little bugger is still planned for Feb 14th.

Monday was horrible for me. Not sure if it was getting back to the regular schedule after being off for 4 days or if it was just a yuck day. Maybe all of the above. I did get a gift made that was requested yesterday so that was a fun few hours. I will post it later. I didn't get a chance to upload my pictures last night. Between reading, facebook and creating...there was just no time left in the day!

I'm going to book a weekend getaway for me and my husband today. I am going to take him to Nashville for his 50th birthday! Plus I do believe we need a few well deserved days away from everything. I hope we have a great time and that it want be to cold to enjoy everything. We will see I guess. And as far as getting out of debt...doesn't look like I am doing to well since I have been a charge it master the last week. With Christmas and this little getaway...it has set me trying to save money out at the curb. But...after Christmas back on the saving bandwagon I go. I think I will use our tax money for our cruise we are taking this summer. The rest goes on cards and more cards...lol! Dave Ramsey...I'm trying really hard but just not making it right now...lol!

Quilt progress: I have 3 rows sewn...only 17 more to go...lol! Then the quilt top will be done and the hard work begins.

Well today is my mom and dads 41st anniversary! YEAH MOM AND DAD!!!!
And today also marks the last day for the Imaginisce DT submissions. Now the waiting begins. I entered the November Sketch challenge contest but didn't do to well on that one I guess so I am wayyyy crossing fingers on the DT. What an awesome chance that would be dontcha think! I have bunches of layouts and projects to share with you coming up in the next week. So stay tuned! I bought the Winter Wonderland Cricut cartridge on Thanksgiving day and I am LOVING it! I have been using the heck out of my Cricut and Sizzix this last week! Can't wait to show you what all I have been using them on!

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